Sun’s out, sandals out!

Homemade scrub made of sugar and ground coffee

How to give yourself a homemade pedicure

The sun’s finally out and it’s time to start to wearing your new Summer wardrobe again and dig out your sexy sandals and sunglasses – hurrah! There’s only one problem however, your feet are dry, cracked and generally looking a little bit worse for wear after months being stuffed into socks and boots and you haven’t got time to go for a professional pedicure. Help!

Fear not, there are lots of things you can do at home to get your feet prepped and ready for those gorgeous new strappy high heel sandals. Here’s our guide to a quick and easy DIY emergency pedicure…..

You will need:

  • Olive or coconut oil, brown sugar, peppermint, lemon or tea tree oil mixed together in a bowl
  • Pumice stone (optional)
  • Manicure sticks (optional)
  • Toe nail clippers
  • Cuticle / nail oil
  • Moisturising foot cream
  • Cotton socks
  • This is best carried out in the bathroom for less mess!

Your step by step guide to fabulous feeling feet:  

  1. Fill a bowl of warm (not hot!) water and add a tablespoon of olive oil from the kitchen. Coconut oil is also wonderful for moisturising the skin and melts beautifully into the water, creating an indulgent silky feel that leaves your skin feeling amazing.
  2. Soak your feet for 5-10 minutes or for as long as you have time. Dab feet gently but leave skin damp.
  3. Take your pre-prepared homemade kitchen scrub and massage into your feet for 2 minutes, paying close attention to the heels and around each toenail. If you have any super-dry patches, buff gently with a pumice stone to remove any flaky skin.
  4. Shower off scrub with warm water and gently dry the feet thoroughly with a warm towel.
  5. Push back the jagged cuticles gently with an orange stick.
  6. Trim your toe nails by cutting straight across with nail clippers.
  7. Finish by massaging cuticle oil into your nails.
  8. Massage feet with an intensive foot cream or coconut oil.
  9. Locking in the moisture with a pair of cotton socks.

This treatment is best carried out before you go to sleep so that the cream really soaks into your feet. In the morning, simply apply a coat or two of nail varnish and ta da, you’re ready to go!

Finally, don’t forget to pop in a pair of NINE TO FIVE Heels for all day comfort, and if you’re wearing strappy shoes, we recommend the clear colour option as it’s the most discreet. NINE TO FIVE’s can simply be washed with soapy water to restore freshness after use, so you’re ready to go again.

Treat your feet to a pair of NINE TO FIVE Heels

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